End the Cycle of Abuse

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Victim Resources


Stop the Abuse

First remove yourself form the situation, person, or place associated with the abuse. If a crime has been committed like threats, physical abuse, property damage, etc. Immediatly call the police, nobody has the right to harm, harass or intimidate you.

Contact a Trusted Advocate

You can call our abuse hotline at (253)333-2328 24/7 and speak with a professional about your situtation. Reaching out is part of the healing process and we will do everything to aid in the recovery process.

Seek Counseling

Domestic abuse situations can have long lasting impacts on the mental health and wellbeing of an individual well after the fact. To truly end the cycle of abuse speaking with a professional is recommended.



Treatment Programs



Goals of the Treatment Program:

  • Protect victim and his/her safety
  • Stop the physical violence
  • Stop all other forms of abuse (sexual, emotional, verbal)
  • Address the motive for the abuse (control, dominance, etc.)
  • Teach non-violent, non-abusive ways of dealing with issues that triggered the violence
  • Confront the belief systems that justify, rationalize, and support the violence
  • Establish a belief system that supersedes the violence and lifestyle that supports it.


Court Ordered Treatment Programs

The Domestic Violence Treatment Program provides a minimum of one year of treatment to court-ordered perpetrators and others who are ordered into treatment. The goal of the treatment program is to maintain victim safety, prevent repeat offenses, and develop accountability by the perpetrator. Single gender treatment groups are provided with no more than 12 people per group. We accept family court or civil referrals on a case-by-case basis.

Victims are provided with advocacy and case management services throughout the treatment program. Following successful completion of the treatment program, participants are expected to include their loved ones in couples and/or family therapy. This gives significant others an opportunity to benefit from the information, and the attitudinal and behavioral changes that have occurred. It is our goal that former perpetrators will be able to provide a climate of safety, trust, and respect when family relationships can be rebuilt.



For more information on the Domestic Violence Treatment Program, call our Auburn team
at 253-333-2328 ext. 1, or email program supervisor Kimberly A. Sperte at


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